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Thoughtstuff Podcast - Tom Morgan on Teams Dev

Hi - I'm Tom Morgan. I help developers to make intelligent communications a universal feature of all applications by building solutions with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure Communication Services, and more.

I blog about it, I speak about it ... and I have a podcast about it. 

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May 12, 2022

Audio version of video on YouTube.

Microsoft Build is coming up - May 24-26 2022 online at

Here are the links to the sessions mentioned in this episode:

Overview & Catching Up

🟣 Everything new you need to know about Microsoft Teams Platform in 30 minutes or less -

🟣 Create interactive meeting apps for Microsoft Teams -

🟣 Microsoft Build Into Focus: Build collaborative apps to thrive in the modern workplace -

🟣 Reach 270M users and grow your business with Microsoft Teams -

Detail on existing announcements

🟣 Building custom clients for virtual events & virtual visit scenarios using Azure Communication Services, Microsoft Teams & Graph -

🟣 Building Real-time Collaborative Apps with Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform -

🟣 How to open your app to cross-organizational collaboration with Microsoft Teams Connect -

🟣 Monetize your third-party apps for Microsoft Teams -

Roundtables & Discussions

🟣 Innovative collaboration in vNext Teams apps -

🟣 How can we help more non-developers write Microsoft Teams apps? -

New Announcements

🟣 The Future of AI Development Tools -

🟣 What everyone needs to know about synchronous collaboration in Microsoft Teams meetings but didn’t know to ask -

🟣 Deep Dive into Microsoft Graph SDKs -

🟣 Microsoft Teams - are you ready for the Metaverse? -

🟣 Developing real-time collaborative Azure Web Apps with Fluid Framework -

🟣 Building collaborative web apps with Fluid Framework & Azure Fluid Relay -

Other Things

🟣 Accelerate website development with Low Code tools - Power Apps Portals -

🟣 Innovate with collaborative apps and low code -

🟣 Kiota: solving the pain of SDKs for any API you care about -

🟣 Create next-gen experiences at scale with Windows -

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